Valuation of Ecosystem Services of Coconut Types: Framework and Methodology Development

Jose Nestor M Garcia, Edna A Aguilar, Juanito B Sangalang, Antonio J Alcantara, Raymundo Celestino F Habito, Charito P Medina, Ben S Malayang III
Vol 12 No 1 (2009), pp. 68-78




Only marketed coconut provisioning ecosystem services have been the focus of coconut production program in the country. The contribution of coconut non-marketed regulatory, cultural and support services to the community well being and ecosystem health is not well appreciated. Framework and methodology in valuing the total economic value of ecosystems services for various coconut types were developed using available secondary information.

Analytical procedure on assessment and valuing of coconut ecosystem services was developed through extensive literature search, review of related materials and research data/ information from Philippine Coconut Authority, workshops, and team/group discussions Provisioning coconut ecosystem services include food and fuel and the regulatory ecosystem services consist of nutrient cycling, community diversity, soil conservation.

The total economic values of coconut ecosystem services and economic value of provisioning ecosystem services significantly differed among production options considered but not among coconut types. The economic value of regulatory ecosystem services differed significantly among coconut types.

The developed methodology would be useful in identifying suitable coconut types in integrating ecological values of coconut for national replanting and coconut breeding programs.


Keywords: framework development, environmental protection, coconut diversity, environmental valuation

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