Indigenous Knowledge on the Utilization of Wikstroemia delavayi for Papermaking by the Naxi Ethnic Group of Northwest Yunnan, China

Yang Lixin, Domingo M Ramirez, Pei Shengji
Vol 10 No 2 (2007), pp. 17-27




The research describes and analyzes the indigenous knowledge of the Naxi people in the utilization of Wikstroemia delavayi for handmade paper in Kenbeigu Village, Lijiang City, Northwest Yunnan, China. Specifically, this study describes Naxis indigenous knowledge on Dongba (Naxi priest) papermaking using W. delavayi; All 61 interviewed respondents are villagers. Data was analyzed using descriptive and quantitative analysis. Based on the results of the study, it is quite evident that Naxi people have extensive indigenous knowledge about W. delavayi as they are using it through many generations. Due to frequency of harvesting, the biodiversitic composition of W. delayayi is adversely affected. By using traditional knowledge and harvesting after three years, its biodiversitic composition can be restored gradually. Hence, the traditional collection of W. delavayi is considered benefiting to sustainable biodiversity management


Keywords: indigenous knowledge; utilization; Wikstroemia delavayi; biodiversitic composition.

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