Carbon Stocks Assessment of Forest Land Uses in the Kaliwa Watershed, Philippines

Rodel D Lasco, Florencia B Pulhin, Rex Victor O Cruz
Vol 10 No 2 (2007), pp. 40-48




Kaliwa watershed in the provinces of Rizal and Quezon is a site for pilot implementation of an improved watershed management plan in the Philippines. As part of the key biophysical resource assessments for the watershed, carbon stocks in above-ground biomass, necromass and soil pools in different forest land uses were determined using field measurements.

The total C stored in the different land uses surveyed in the Kaliwa Watershed is estimated at 2.65 Megatons, 76% of which is held in secondary forests, and 14% and 10% in brushlands and grasslands, respectively. In all land uses, the largest portion of C is held in the soil. The low C density estimates (secondary forests- 121.21 Mg/ha; brushland- 74.27 Mg/ha; and grassland- 57.56 Mg/ha) indicate that substantial degradation of forest resources has occurred through time. Activities to enhance the watershed’s potential to serve as C sink were identified, including forest protection, reforestation of grassland areas and establishment of agroforestry and communitybased forestry projects


Keywords: land use, forest reserve, deforestation, biomass density, carbon stocks

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