Biological Investigation of Jaguar Guapote Parachromis managuensis (Gunther) in Taal Lake, Philippines

Edna V Agasen, Julian P Clemente, Maurita R Rosana, Nenita S Kawit
Vol 9 No 2 (2006), pp. 20-30




This study was conducted to describe the ecological parameters in Taal Lake where the alien/ invasive species Jaguar Guapote (Parachromis managuensis) was “illegally” introduced. This study also aimed to contribute in the analysis of some of its biological aspects.

Surface water temperature range recorded was within the normal level (30.0°C – 30.71°C). On the other hand, pH levels were moderately alkaline and almost within the same range (8.30 - 8.70). Likewise, dissolved oxygen levels were moderately high in Talisay(10.22 ppm) and Tanauan (10.16 ppm), and lower value was obtained in Laurel (8.30 ppm). Majority of the sampling stations had sandy to muddy bottom.

Based on the samples, male P. managuensis were slightly larger than females. Spawning of the species in Taal Lake was throughout the survey period with peaks in July and December. Total fecundity of the fish was between 904 to 10,496 eggs and with an average of 3,158 eggs/female.

Jaguar guapote is a piscivorous species and the major food items found in its gut were fish (56.40%), predominatly, Atherina spp., Ambassis spp., and the cichlids, tilapia and guapote.

It is anticipated that the alien fish could become abundant in all areas of Taal Lake because of the luxuriant growth of aquatic vegetation which serves as their spawning and feeding grounds, abundant natural food, and favorable environment. This may cause serious damage to native fish communities through direct predation.


Keywords: Parachromis managuensis, alien/invasive species, Taal Lake

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