Best Practices in Environmental Management and Protection – Market Waste Composting in Sta. Maria, Bulacan: A Case Study

Virginia C. Cuevas
Vol 1 No 1 (1998), pp. 23-28




This paper describes the process that AWARE, a non-government organization (NGO) in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, has undergone to implement market waste composting. AWARE experience shows that more than 50% of the total volume of solid wastes generated by the town are non-biodegradable damaged materials that are rejected by people engaged in recycling. These materials are compressed and dumped in the designated dump site biodegradable wastes account for only 30% of the wastes which are converted to organic fertilizers by AWARE. Key lessons learned in an environmental community undertaking are highlighted. The experience underlines the need for an institutional linkage among local, national government agencies and the non-government organization fostered by good communication. Treating the project as a business enterprise ensures continuity. Lastly, commitment to the undertaking by all concerned sectors is an essential element for the success of the project.




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