A Unified Fisheries Ordinance for Effective Resource Management in Southern Iloilo, Philippines

Liberty N Espectato, Ruby P Napata, Genna D Serofia
Vol 15 No 1 (2012), pp. 40-51




In a review of the components of the fisheries law enforcement of the Municipal Fisheries Ordinances (MFOs) of the Southern Iloilo Coastal Resource Management Council (SICRMC), the five member-municipalities bordering the northern part of Panay Gulf agreed to implement a uniform ordinance in order to promote integrated management, reduce conflict, and contribute to efficient fisheries law enforcement. These will eventually lead to an effective resource management of the contiguous zone they commonly share.

Seven issues were identified in the study to be important and deemed to be best addressed through the implementation of a unified provision for these in the municipalities. The issues include closed season for the use of fine mesh net; penalties for common violations; fisheries licensing; municipal water boundary; use of hulbot-hulbot (Danish seine); use of superlight in municipal water; and deployment of payao.

Content analysis of the respective MFOs of the municipalities was done to identify policy gaps, overlaps, and confl icting provisions. Specific policy recommendations were also presented to serve as basis for drafting the proposed unifi ed provisions that will eventually result in the revision of the ordinances. At present, there are efforts in soliciting the support of the SICRMC in the proposed amendments in the MFOs.


Keywords: SICRMC, Unifi ed Fisheries Ordinance (UFO), Municipal Fisheries Ordinance (MFO), fi sheries law enforcement, resource management

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