Bioinvasion: Concepts, Criteria and Rating System for Determining the Invasiveness of Alien Plant Species

Leonardo M Florece, Nestor T Baguinon
Vol 14 No 1 (2011), pp. 77-87




This study assessed the concept of bioinvasion, the issues and problems associated with invasive alien species worldwide and relevant local and international agreements and protocols on alien plants. The criteria and rating system for determining the invasiveness of alien plants was developed. The proposed criteria are the following: bioinvasion potential, ecological requirements and social/economic considerations. When the system was applied to some known alien plants in the Philippines, it resulted to the identification of invasive, slightly invasive, and not invasive alien plants, that also corroborated with the observations in the field and farmers’ experiences on the invasive species aggressively competing agricultural crops nationwide.


Keywords: exotic species, rating system, Bioinvasion

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