Cost and Return Analysis of Fishpen Operation in Laguna de Bay and the Economic Implication of "Zero Fishpen Policy"

Reynaldo L Tan, Tony Angelo C Alvaran, Bernice B Villamor, Isabel Mildred A Tan
Vol 13 No 2 (2010), pp. 14-26




A total of 38 fishpen operators registered as corporations (14), sole proprietors which were locally referred to as individuals (17), fishcage operators which actually were fishpen operators but were referred to as such due to the semblance of the structures to fishcages (5) and cooperatives (2) served as respondents in documenting the fishpen operations in Laguna de Bay and in conducting the cost and return analysis. The economic implications of Laguna Lake Development Authority’s “zero fishpen policy” were determined using the “with-and-without* (fishpen) analytical framework. The net returns turned out to be directly proportional with fishpen size, economies of scale is achieved with bigger area of fishpens. The direct economic benefits identified from the existing milkfish industry were source of cheaper milkfish, source of employment and support for related industries and government revenues from fishpen fees and taxes. Other benefits with economic values were the increases in other fish stocks from the artificial sanctuaries provided by the fishpens. No alternative sources can be readily identified to fill up the supply gap that will be created should all the fishpens be demolished.


Keywords: milkfish, Laguna de Bay, zero fishpen policy, cost and return analysis

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