A Survey of Waste Management Practices of Selected Swine and Poultry Farms in Laguna, Philippines

Michelle Grace V Paraso, Ma. Victoria O Espaldon, Antonio J Alcantara, Cesar C Sevilla, Sofia A Alaira, Marisa J Sobremisana, Raymond O Ravalo, Kamya Rosalina D Macan, Conrado A Valdez
Vol 13 No 2 (2010), pp. 44-52




The publication of “Livestock’s Long Shadow” by the Food and Agriculture Organization in 2006 has mainstreamed the observations and concerns of animal scientists and environmentalists to the wide-ranging impacts of livestock production and the close inter-linkages between animal health, production and the environment. In line with this, a survey was conducted to determine the waste management practices of selected swine and poultry farms in Laguna that could have potential adverse effects on the environment. There were inappropriate management strategies for both solid and liquid wastes by the majority of farmer respondents particularly among small- holders. Discharge of untreated effluent into the waterways, open dumping and hazardous open- air burning of wastes were among the unacceptable practices gathered in the survey. The present study recognizes the need for stricter enforcement and effective dissemination of local government regulations and existing environmental laws by concerned government agencies to ensure that a sustainable livestock and poultry production in the province is achieved.


Keywords: environment, swine and poultry, animal waste

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