Anaerobic Filter Bed Baffled Reactor (AFBBR) for the Treatment of Food-Processing Wastewater

Carmel C Gacho, Maxima E Flavier, Catalino G Alfafara, Nicomedes D Briones, Antonio J Alcantara, Evelyn B Rodriguez, Christopher M Silverio
Vol 13 No 1 (2010), pp. 12-26




An effective lab-scale Anaerobic Filter Bed Baffled Reactor (AFBBR) was developed to treat food-processing wastewater. The effects of two factors, packing materials (gravel and plastic caps) and organic loading rates (1g/L-d to 8.5 g/L-d) on performance efficiency and biogas rate were investigated. Better performance efficiency was obtained using the plastic material as compared with that of gravel. The organic loading rate (OLR) when applied singly as a factor was best at 6.4 g/L-d. The combined effects of the two factors were markedly significant when AFBBR was operated at 4.2 g/L-d and 6.4 g/l-d for plastic and gravel, respectively.


Keywords: AFBBR, organic loading rate, packing material, removal efficiency

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