Plant Diversity and Carbon Storage of a Rhizopora Stand in Verde Passage, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines

Dixon T Geva?a, Nelson M Pampolina
Vol 12 No 2 (2009), pp. 1-10




Mangrove ecosystems play crucial roles in promoting biodiversity and mitigating climate change impacts by serving as habitat for marine life and sinks of atmospheric carbons. The Verde Passage Corridor which fringes the province of Batangas, Philippines has a huge potential for both biodiversity conservation and carbon sink development because of its extensive coastal areas that can be developed into mangrove forest. This opportunity is exemplified in the case of rhizoporas, locally known as bakawan, in San Juan, Batangas where this study was conducted. Using the nested plot sampling method developed by Hairiah et al. (2001), the study assessed the diversity (H') and carbon density of the stand. Diversity index (H'= 0.8165 to 1.4185) is very low with a total of nine species recorded. Despite of lean diversity, bakawan stand was still regarded healthy and vigorous in mitigating the impacts of climate change because of its huge carbon density estimates. Carbon density was estimated to be around 115.45 t ha-1.


Keywords: Verde Passage Corridor, diversity, carbon sink, bakawan

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