JESAM Vol 16 No 1 (2013)

DNA barcoding of red jungle fowls (Gallus gallus philipensis Hatchisuka) from different mountains areas in the Philippines
Orville L Bondoc
Evaluating Patterns of Fish Assemblage Changes from Different-Aged Reforested Mangroves in Lingayen Gulf
Shielameh A Peralta-Milan, Severino G Salmo III
Plant Diversity and Aboveground Carbon Stock Along Altitudinal Gradients in Quezon Mountain Range in Southern Mindanao, Philippines
Dixon T Geva?a, Jan Paolo T Pollisco, Nelson M Pampolina, Dongyeob Kim, Sangjun Im
Organics and Nitrogen Removal from Wastewater Across a Plate of Entrapped Mixed Microbial Cells
Chug-Chun Liu, Kok-Kwang Ng, Chien-Ju Wu, Cheng-Fang Lin, Pui-Kwan Andy Hong, Ping-Yi Yang
Crisis Probability Curves (CPCs): A Model for Assessing Vulnerability Thresholds Across Space and Over Time
Lilibeth A Acosta, Fausto Galli
The Profitability of Environmental Proactivity in Business Education Institutions: An Investigation of University Administrators
Blanca L Delgado-M?rquez, J. Alberto Arag?n-Correa, Eulogio Cord?n-Pozo
Perceived Effects of Lead Recycling to Selected Communities in Bulacan, Philippines
Emilia S Visco, Jennifer S Amparo, Ma. Emilinda T Mendoza, Carla G Jimena, Devralin T Lagos, Rochelle S Dumalanta
Farmers’ Participatory Seed Production of IPB-bred Varieties in Relation to Climate Change Adaptation
Josefina O Narciso, Pablito M Magdalita, Reynaldo B Quilloy, Marilyn M Beltran, Rudy S Navarro, Maria H Magpantay
Kapok (Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn.) Fibers Packed in Nylon Nets as Sorbent for Diesel Oil Spill and its ex-situ Bioremediation
Alma Lorelei DJ Abejero, Antonio J Alcantara, Lorele C Trinidad, Maxima E Flavier
Geohazards, Tropical Cyclones and Disaster Risk Management in the Philippines: Adaptation in a Changing Climate Regime
Decibel V Faustino-Eslava, Carla B Dimalanta, Graciano P Yumul, Jr., Nathaniel T Servando, Nathaniel A Cruz